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UPDATE 11/25: Due to the holidays, more work hours than I expected, and unplanned projects I am closing my commissions for the season. Thanks to everyone who has reached out so far, check back again after the new year if you are interested in a piece.

Commissions are CLOSED!

There are a few ways to get in touch with me these days, the best by far is through DeviantArt, if you have an account. This allows me to keep track of all my art work in one place. However, if you're not a fan of that method of communication, is my e-mail address.

If you want to follow me on twitter, you'll see pieces that are in progress, as well as snippets of my sharp wit! Or just be really bored. Ahrrie (who would've guessed!)



*DIGITAL* Sketches $5

Marceline Sketch by AhrrieArtCora ( OC ) by AhrrieArt

*TRADITIONAL (pencil)* Sketches $10 (+$5 if you want the original shipped)

Scanlan  and Pike by AhrrieArtCora sketch by AhrrieArtRhaeva by AhrrieArt

Lineart (Comics style)

  Portraits: $10
Pike from Critical Role by AhrrieArt

  Full: $15
Vax and Vex by AhrrieArt


    Portraits (Bust Up): $15

    3/4 or Full Body: $20
Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia by AhrrieArt


    No Background/Solid Color/Gradient- Free

    Complex/Detailed Backgrounds- $10+

  Extra Characters: $10

  Complex/Hyper-Detailed Designs for clothes/armor/weapons/etc (I'm talking like.. tiny tiny details..): $10+

***-Changes to final artwork (Lineart/Paintings only): I don't have a huge problem with this, but you get 3 'minor' changes/tweaks, and 1 major change. I will start charging more after that. Time, effort, etc. To avoid this problem, please be very concise in your description of what you want, include references if you have them in your commission request, and any details no matter how small they may be.

Things you will want to include in your request:
Hair color, eye color, race and skin tone, clothing/armor styles, tattoos/piercings/body modifications, personality traits help too! I tend to work better the more I know about a character, since so much of what I do is about bringing characters to life, giving them shape from words. Be DETAILED!

Tools of the Trade
Edit 7/30/2016: I never got around to updating this! Shame on me!

I am now working off an Intuos Art, from Wacom's latest line of products. I can also do work on paper by request, let me know your preferences. Primarily I use Photoshop CS5, and work at 3000x3000 pixels, and 300 dpi, although not ALL finished pieces end up being this size. I sometimes crop out any unnecessary negative space.

To-Do List

  1. BrandonHenning

Rules and FAQS:

Firstly, let me say this: I don't bite. I'm not an exceptionally social creature, but I will generally respond to anyone who sends me a note or comment!

  1. Disclaimer: I don’t accept every commission request that comes my way, there are times when I have been asked to do things well outside the realm of what I am comfortable doing. Please be sure you look through my gallery before messaging me so that you know what you’re getting into. It never hurts to ask either, sometimes I will accept commissions that I wouldn't normally do as a challenge to myself to try to get better and diversify! 

  2. What are you willing to draw? Won’t Do: Furries (I'm just not very good. I've tried.), Gore, Anime (not my style! but I'm happy to draw your anime characters in MY style!); Will Do: Original characters, PG-13 (boobs!)

  3. I reserve the right to post any artwork created by me on as well as any other gallery/personal website for purpose of advertising/displaying my art. Unless agreed to, commissioners do not have permission to resell my art or use it in commercial instances. My signature should never be removed from a piece, and if you choose to post my artwork anywhere else please credit me when doing so.

  4. Payment Policy: Payment for sketches is due upfront, for line art and paintings payment will be required upon completion of the final sketch.

  5. Final product details: I typically work on a canvas size of 3000x3000 with a dpi of 300, saved as a .jpeg file and uploaded via deviantart. If you would like the .psd file, you may request it at the time of commissioning. I am also happy to e-mail files if you need them.

  6. How long does it take? The time it takes me to finish a piece depends on several things, mostly it depends on how detailed/intricate a piece is, as well as how much information you provide at the time of commissioning. You can help the process go faster by providing any and all references for your piece. I will note that I do have other projects that I work on as well as commissions, some of these are real jobs that have to take precedence, so keep in mind it can take a few weeks for me to finish a piece.

  7. Payments/How to Commission me: Payments are made strictly through Paypal at this moment, information will be provided to commissioner when I accept a commission request.

  8. To commission me, send me a message via NOTE on Include all relevant details for your commission request, and really anything you can think of that might be useful for completing your piece. If you are unsure of what to include, ask me. If you don’t provide me with enough information, be prepared for me to ask you for more.

People Who Have Commissioned me in the Past:











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